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Frequently asked questions:


1. What is wrist circumference and how should it be measured?

The wrist circumference is the exact length of the wrist measured tightly. It should be measured with a measuring tape or a tape (we transfer the obtained measurement to a ruler). Wrap the measuring tape tightly around the wrist and read the measurement.



2. What is the length of the watch pins and how do you measure it?

This is the distance measured between the ears of the watch (the A value in the photo below). It is best to measure it with a caliper, but you can also measure it with a ruler.




3. How to measure the length of the watch pin?

This can be done with a ruler or a measuring tape, which you put on the watch and measure the distance from one watch pin to the other, as shown in the photo below.



4. How to measure the clearance between the watch case and the pin without precise measuring tools?

Normal printer paper is sufficient for measuring the clearance. Fold the sheet of paper so many times that after inserting it into the the pin-case clearence, you feel resistance. Then we unfold the paper and count how many layers of paper we folded. The page in the photo has been folded 14 times and the maximum thickness of the strap in this watch is 1.8 mm. If the result is below 12 sheets of paper, please contact us before purchasing the strap.







5. What should you look out for when choosing a watch strap?

Not only design is important, but also choosing the right strap in technical terms. Here we choose the width of the mount between the lugs of the watch (see point 2). A very important thing is the correct thickness of the strap in the place where the pins are attached, i.e. the clearance between the case and the pin.

There are straps that may turn out to be too thick and you will not be able to install them because they will rub against the case. This is especially true for nato or one-piece threaded straps. Average watches have a clearance of 1.6 - 1.8 mm. If you see that this clearance seems small in your watch, please contact us before purchasing, we will help you choose the right strap.


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